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Llewellyn’s brief for his 40th birthday party centred around his love of a poem by Ezra Pound and the feeling of walking along the Seine on a misty, cold, wintery evening. Everything was therefore designed around water from the blue floral installation growing out of the table, to the dozens of mirror balls creating a feeling of droplets around the venue. To top it all was the inclusion of both mist and smoke machines to envelope the space in an atmosphere like being in a cloud at night. The venue, Our Local on Kloof Street, which operates as both a restaurant and botanist was the perfect location for this special celebration.

Photography: Charlene Schreuder


"I cannot even begin to describe the night and the wonder that Luke Krone created. He took every crazy inspiration from mist around lampposts on the Seine, to poetry, every stolen moment from my past, like a restaurant in Vienna and wove it into an experience beyond my wildest dreams. There wasn’t a detail out of place. These photos are only a passing shadow of the evening and the magician that is Luke Krone."
From Cape Town, South Africa

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