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Wondering what the best way is to travel to your destination wedding with your dress? Travelling to your destination wedding is always very exciting but viewing the state of your delicate dress upon arrival can be devastating. This guide will help you to take proper precautions to safeguard your dress.

Don’t check in or ship your wedding dress

The most important rules are always; to never fold up your dress in a suitcase, check it in with your other luggage and definitely don’t ever ship it. Things can go horribly wrong if your checked-in luggage gets lost or damaged. It will also be a lot harder to press or steam your dress if you travel with it in a suitcase.

How to travel with your wedding dress on the plane

Ask the flight attendants if they would be willing to hang your dress in their coat or storage closet. If they don't have space, wait for everyone to load their hand luggage in the overhead compartment and then gently place your dress laying it flat on top of the luggage.

How to travel with your wedding dress by ground

When you travel in your rental car or Uber ensure your dress is always laying flat either in the truck (always on top of the luggage) or on the backseat.

Choose the right fabrics

Try to choose a wedding dress fabric that will be able to withstand extensive travel. A material like chiffon can easily be steamed or pressed, while satin and silk tend to crease easily and are more difficult to press or steam.

Post-travel dress prep

Consider making arrangements with your wedding planner to ensure someone presses or steams your wedding dress at your final destination. Do not wait until the last minute to do this, I suggest that this is done within a few hours of your arrival.

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