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Flair. Creativity. Excellence. Warmth.

I was six years old when the joy of celebrating captivated me. I was a page boy at my aunt’s wedding, and there I saw the culmination of months of hustle and bustle come together into something magical. As I carried her veil into the church, my heart knew that I wanted to bring people together, share their joy.


I grew up on one of South Africa’s oldest wine estates, The House of Krone, Twee Jonge Gezellen in Tulbagh. This beautiful place, steeped in a legacy that spanned 12 generations of family, history and champagne, nurtured my love for timeless tradition. While our family no longer owns the estate, their ethos of hard work, gumption, creativity and elegance runs through my veins.

You deserve every single moment of joy, every single moment of connection. May your life be overflowing with these.


I weave elements of history and tradition, personal references, and the richness of time and space to create weddings and parties infused with meaning. And, because I believe in that lingering note of charm, you can count on me to ensure that there’s always a dash of novelty and playfulness to bring out laughter and joy.


"I have never worked with an events organiser as efficient, thorough and hardworking as Luke Krone. Matching it with Luke’s unequalled sense of style, the ability to bring a team together and, more importantly, work together with such enthusiasm and dedication, Luke Krone Events is small enough to provide something often lacking – personal service – his events carry a distinct Luke Krone stamp.”


Co-owner of Foxwood House based in Johannesburg, South Africa

being a gentleman never gets old
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